Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Corrupt Judges-at it AGAIN

To bring you upto date on the saga of Corrupt Dorset Police and their mates .....ALL THE JUDGES ON THE DORSET CICUIT.

As I have reported last September I took the Dorset Police on for denying me my rights under the Data Protection Act. Well after I finally won but then only because I managed to get a QC onboard for free. QC or no QC he still fogot to ask for costs against the corrupt bastards. (AND NOW WE ALL KNOW JUST HOW CORRUPT ALL OUR POLICE FORCES ARE AFTER THE REVELATIONS LAID BARE RE HILLSBOROUGH).

So I put into their Chief Constable ( another usless entity and a WOMAN to boot) a claim for £3K costs. which I deliberately kept low. They ignored it and my threat to take it to court. So I ended up putting in a small claim. The full story is on my other blog:-

I am raging mad.blogspot

This blog has dealt with all the corruption I have received at the hands of POLICE since 1990, but I also highlights other stories of UK corruption.

So I will cut this latest story to just highlighting how YET ANOTHER JUDGE ACTS CORRUPTLY and again protects his fellow corrupt civil servants and this time Dorset Police....AGAIN.
I put in my evidence which was simple enough and this smooth talking ex Public schoolboy Judge (aren't they all?) waffles on and in the end trashes my claim and AWARDS THE BASTARDS.......£2K COSTS AGAINST ME  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now think about this. Member of public is denied by a Police Force, his rights to see whatever they hold on him on their computers ETC. He is not a criminal AND HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD !!!!!!!. They fuck him about for 5 YEARS. He takes them to court and wins...... forcing them to answer. When he rightly asks for costs A CORRUPT JUDGE SIDES WITH THEM............ this by saying THEY HAD NO CASE TO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!??????? and awards them £2K.

JUST HOW CORRUPT CAN YOU GET??.............and what can an impoverished member of the public do???..........THE ANSWER IS NOTHING.................WELCOME TO CORRUPT BRITAIN. I MIGHT AS WELL BE LIVING IN RUSSIA OR AN AFRICAN BANANA REPUBLIC.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Corrupt Judges & Corrupt JCIO

I have now been forced to report this evil bastard Judge 'Hire a car off me' Avis to yet another bunch of rotten and corrupt bastards now called Judicial Conduct Investigations Office. This is the exact same mob to whom I complained about Judge Hobbs and gave them incontrovertible evidence of his breaking every rule in the Judges Rule Book. See earlier posts.

This time I have reported the latest corrupt Judge.... Avis and how he too broke every rule when hearing my case against Dorset Police and their corrupt actions in denying me my rights under the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. I have included reams of evidence including the evidence of the QC, Mr Lock, who defended my case and won for me with my appeal, without even having to get into court.

However this shower are so corrupt that they even tried to knock me back when I simply wrote to them asking them if they would allow me to put in my complaint 'out of time' (they only allow a ridiculous short time of 3 months in which to put in a complaint and this knowing as in this case that it can take much longer to gather all the evidence). They wrote back telling me I had no case even though I gave them no evidence AND NEVER ASKED FOR THEM TO TAKE IT ON AS A COMPLAINTS CASE!! Just asked them questions.

They beggar belief, so I have now sent them a 'Formal Complaint' on their complaints form (not done, obviously, before) and with reams of evidence to back up all I allege. Of course it is certain that they will ignore all I have said and shown in their corrupt willingness to do anything to PROTECT ALL BENT JUDGES. Do not forget that in my case TWO JUDGES TRIED TO BEND THE RULES EVEN BEFORE I GOT A HEARING AND TO PROTECT THE POLICE BY SAYING I HAD NO CASE!!!!  Funny that, for as soon as QC appears on the scene........I DO HAVE A CASE AND THE POLICE CAVE IN!!! For he had shown that Avis had ignored the law and relying on what the Police lawyer told him the law said. HOW CORRUPT CAN YOU GET????

The JCIO always tell you that if you are not happy with their decision you can always take it to the next step up and to another corrupt bunch of Judge Protection Racketeers. If you surf the web on corruption of the justice system, politicians, the courts, the police and Uncle Tom Cobbly an All, you will see all the other people in the UK who are thoroughly pissed off with this corruption that is rife in the country. I MAY AS WELL BE LIVING IN A BANANA REPUBLIC!! It makes my blood boil when I hear politicians blowing off about how we in the UK live in a DEMOCRACY THAT LIVES BY LAW AND ORDER...........OH YEAH AND PIGS CAN FLY!!!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Corrupt Judges they are all over the place!

 I have already had to suffer in my case of trying to force the Dorset Police to admit they have Intelligence Reports on me or not, from having THREE JUDGES who have done everything possible to thwart my attempts to obtain JUSTICE in our corrupt Establishment World.

Well their attempts came to an end just recently. I managed to get a Probono QC to side with me and he was prepared to attend this hearing where I was supposed to grovel before yet another Judge and BEG to be able to appeal the rotten corrupt decisions and attempts of the last rotten Judge trying to kick out my application for an appeal.

He saw all my documents to date and came up with a brilliant skeleton argument which said pretty much all that I had already stated but now with case law added AND the fact that here was a learned person they could not push around as they had done with self litigant me. Immediately the Dorset Police caved in and admitted AFTER FIVE YEARS OF CORRUPTLY TELLING ME AND THE COURTS THAT THE DPA GAVE THEM EXEMPTIONS TO NEITHER ADMIT NOR DENY WHETHER THEY HAD ANY RECORDS ON ME. Which of course it does not! Not only that but they had to disallow the costs (£902) Avis corruptly awarded me (for they had refused to settle out of court and by law that means they cannot be awarded costs even if they win!!!!!!) Now will they pay me for all the costs they put me to, plus compensation for the stress??? We will see.

Pretty damning and no apologies for all the work they put me to over these five years, not to mention the costs. And what about that miserable dog of a Judge.....Judge hire-a-car-off-me-Avis????? He gets away with his deliberate actions made to help the police and trash me and my rights to a FAIR HEARING and justice!

All these type of Judges make me sick and our justice system is rotten to the core with the bastards. Not content to act as they have done with me, but they are now running this country and ruining it with their incomprehensible stupid acts in all kinds of cases, especially immigration and terrorist cases. Awarding terrorists huge sums of money for alleged misdeeds by our armed forces etc. It would never have happened in my 8 years in the Forces when I too was on active service fighting terrorists in Cyprus & Aden. Then they were pro Britain and against all these foreigners trying to demolish us.  Of course then there was no Human Rights Industry as of now!!!! With all manner of grubby lawyers making huge sums at Public expense protecting  the scum of the Earth.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Corrupt Judges and another useless judge

The hearing before this corrupt Judge Hughes who had said as per my last post that I had no case, no just cause and the police had an exoneration etc, proved to be yet another useless corrupt judge trying to protect the Police.
So a long and expensive drive to Winchester (I am a penniless pensioner on only a State pension) and before this oaf who immediately I saw the pin striped bastard, I knew he was just another posh, ex public schoolboy in the Cameron mould. Especially when he eventually opened his mouth.
By now I had been given the advice of a probono barrister who basically agreed with all my points and added that both Avis and this Judge Ian Hughes had failed to make the Dorset Police PROVE they had an exoneration by giving up to the judge the actual evidence of the reports they hold on me, so the judge could 'independently' see for himself if there was a 'policing purpose' to them holding them, as per the act. Of course neither judge did that and it had escaped me that they could and should have done this. But of course they were 'corruptly' siding with the police.

So I read out this barristers letter of advice plus choice comments of my own and what did this illustrious keeper of justice and the law do? Well what could he do as this proved he had not done his job properly. He took himself out of the case ( NO apologies) and said he was ordering that the case be held again this time in my home town by a new judge. Well well.

This proves that both he and Avis both acted outside what the law says and corruptly sided with the police lawyer, thus not acting as they should by being INDEPENDENT. (JUDGES RULES which I know off by heart by now)

So maybe on this next hearing I will be able to get this barrister to actually be at the hearing if he hasn't another case. We will see. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Corrupt Judges & Courts

After a long silence on posts I am back with more personal examples of just how corrupt our Judges are and also how corrupt the courts and the whole so called 'justice' system is. For getting 'justice' is impossible and only possible if you are rich AND belong to the upper classes and the Establishment.

Since my last post I have had no less than four occasions, at least, to be in court I will list them here:-

1. Two years ago I was accused by a yob with a criminal record that I had scratched a car as I passed it in my street. The details of that case on set out in detail on my sister blog. 'bewareincompetentcivilservants'
It is the element of the case that involves our corrupt so called 'justice' system that I recount here. Firstly there was no credible evidence yet the CPS in connivance with Dorset Police made sure that I was taken all the way, at great Public expense to a court trial, bear in mind that this was over a mere alleged 6" scratch that to put right had it even existed, would be no more than say £200. The CPS withheld from me a document that could have halted things in their track, but of course that was not what the Police & the CPS wished to happen. No they wanted to put the boot into me for what I say about them in that other blog.
So what about the court itself. Well that was before three magistrates who let is not beat about the bush are usually ignorant 'do-gooders' who usually know nothing about the law. This was the case here and thay had to be guided all the time by a  court clerk who did know the law.
The problem with my case is that two of thee thicko's did not know that in criminal cases the evidence has to be credible and 100% and in this case it simply wasn't there as it had all been fabricated just to get at me.One thick woman simply could not see this and she held things up while the silly bitch had to be 'educated' End of story.....not guilty. Yet I had to endure 16 months of waiting and going thro' that knowing there wasn't even a 6" scratch on the bloody car. You could say in my case the system worked, but it should never have eventuated in the first place and it could easily gone the other way as it very often does.

2. Because of the way Dorset Police are treating me ever since 2010 as will be seen in the sister blog, I positively know they keep 'Intelligence Reports' on me which do not help when cases like the above arise.
So with the help of others I took out a Form 8 application at my local court to have a Judge force the Police to let me have all their reports on me and to erase them from their computers.(this in a fit of naivety)
Now all this falls under the Data Protection Act, which clearly states that any records the police have have to be ONLY FOR POLICING PURPOSES. So in my case a man of 74 with an impeccable background, no criminal record, no involvement in crime whatsoever....ever, is there any 'policing purpose' to have any records on??????? So all records must be of a personal nature where nasty cops have made up personal remarks on what they think about me. So what, you may ask?
Well I will tell you 'so what' Say you are walking down a street and someone who knows you but does not like you decides to stitch you up, They ring the police and state you have just nicked something out of a shop, that you never even went into. Police turn up (if he is lucky) and stop you and first thing they do is do a  search in their computer to see if anything is on you. Hey Presto up comes all the filth put on there and you are immediately arrested, shoved in a cell for 6 hours, accused of this and that and charged. This is what happened to me over this alleged scratch. All other sorts of scenarios come to mind as well.
This is what we in the UK now suffer from....innocent people with no record at the mercy of our Stasi Police.
Where do the courts and Judges come in on this one, you ask? Well I took the police to court, as I said to force out of them these lying reports. After I put in the paperwork and a statement of facts, without even a hearing taking place some rotten corrupt Judge, called Dixon, sent me an 'order' telling me he'd read the papers and I had no case to answer as I had, (no chance for me to say anything to him as no hearing) as the corrupt police had claimed, not taken this to the Information Commissioners Office. Of course once again our Corrupt Police had lied, as I had contacted the ICO and they refused to deal with it. I had their letter to prove that. I also got the ICO to send me a letter stating that to force the police to do anything was not in  their remit (I knew this, so why did the Judge not know?) you know the answer to that....he was corrupt and on the police's side!!!!!!!!!!

3. I put all that ICO evidence in, then got a paper stating that I had a 'Directions Hearing'. At this hearing a judge should quickly look at the papers and tell us it would go to a full hearing where we would argue it out. At this hearing before another corrupt Judge one Avis, he did not run the hearing as a 'directions hearing' but as a 'full hearing'. He obviously did not have a clue about what the DP Act said and because he wanted to find for the police (They all do, these rotten corrupt judges who want the police on their side should they ever need them) he just took all the lies of the police lawyer as gospel and all that I had stated, as shit, and found for the police. What can you expect in this utterly corrupt country of ours????

4. I put in an application to appeal ( now here is another example of how corrupt our so called justice system is.) The bastards make you grovel to a Judge to ASK PERMISSION TO APPEAL!!!. I know what I would like to do to all the upper class  Establishment bastards and I cannot repeat it here) I without any hearing get told by yet ANOTHER corrupt bastard called Ian Hughes QC, that I had no case and slagged off. He only gave me 7 days (4 working days) to put in that appeal. I asked the court for a months stay so I could try and get a lawyer to represent me. They had to give it and I got it. So now I need a lawyer who knows the DPA . I know what the DPA says, but then I am just a peasant and below this corrupt bastard judge who again is obviously wanting to protect the police...... whatever.
The police's own manual "Managing of Police Information" (MoPI) states it clearly, how the section 29 has to be seen and keeping of evidence has to be for a 'policing purpose' So what policing purpose do the Dorset Police have on me? Other than they do not like me highlighting how corrupt they all are????????? The bastards even said "It was in the Public Interest"  and refused to answer 'What Public purpose do they have to keep such records on an innocent 74 year old pensioner? Am I a Mafia DON or something?????

KEEP WATCHING THIS SPACE TO FIND OUT WHERE I DO NOT GET.................................
Although I am onto the press about all this, as this is a National problem and others like me are being trashed in the same way.(but I am not a celeb or famous and I do not have big tits, so they will not be interested....will they?................WE ARE NOW LIVING IN A POLICE STATE JUST LIKE MY COUSINS HAD TO LIVE UNDER, FOR DECADES, IN EAST GERMANY WHERE THE STASI KEPT RECORDS ON EVERYONE....LIKE HOW MANY TIMES THEY HAD A SHIT ETC. THINK THAT IS A JOKE..............THINK AGAIN.FOR IT WAS JUST LIKE MY EX WIFE HAD TO LIVE UNDER..... UNDER THE YOKE OF THE RUSSIANS AND THEIR CRONIES IN THE CZECHOSLOVAKIAN ESTABLISHMENT. !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Corrupt Judges and judicial system

Since my last post some time ago, I have had to suffer yet again at the hands of a corrupt judicial system run by corrupt Judges and lawyers. Here's the details:-

 Most of my posts so far have concerned my IP battle and in a follow on from that, the last lawyers I was forced to take on at great expense to try and finally get some justice for the utter failings of successive IPO hearing officers (they are quasi judicial officers who perform the role of Judges in the rotten IPO system of hearings)

This firm of lawyers failed miserably to do a first class job and they utterly failed to win what should have been an easy case to win. This because they like most British lawyers were not forceful enough and did not conduct the case in an aggressive way to show the IPO that if they carried on as they had done in all the previous hearings by failing to be impartial and dealing with all the reported perjury and forgery, then they could expect to have to suffer the ramifications that would follow. No they acted in a wimpish way and allowed the corrupt hearing officer (Salthouse) top ride roughshod all over them. So needless to say I was once again refused justice by losing and as usual the lawyers always win even when they lose as they always expect to get paid!!

 This self same lawyer then tells me that despite this I had a good case and that I should appeal before the High Court where I would not be in the clutches of IPO hearing officers who were carrying out an agenda to make sure I lost each and every time. This despite my telling him right at the beginning that I had only enough money to have him make this defence. He then goes and gets the advice of a QC and expects me to pay him for that and for all the emails he'd sent me prior to doing that. And this despite knowing I had no more money. Needless to say when he presented me with a whopping bill of £3.5K I refused to pay. So eventually they took me to the small claims court.

Well I had plenty of documentary evidence to show I had warned him I had no money to have him do anymore paid work. At the preliminary hearing the Judge hearing that told them he thought they had a shaky case and how did they expect I would be able to pay them even if they won despite the evidence I had presented. Oh no they wouldn't drop the case 'ON PRINCIPAL'as they couldn't be seen to give in to people who refused to pay the bills they presented. What assholes!!

A date was set for March 2011 and I duly presented myself confident of winning. Yet what happened at that hearing as far as I am concerned, showed me once again how depraved and corrupt our Judges and the system is. The Judge hearing that case obviously knew this lawyer and was very chatty with him before the hearing even started and once it got going the lawyer said they wanted to put into the case 'new evidence' in the form of many pages of what were no more than ALL THE DOCUMENTS THAT HAD BEEN PART OF THE CASE THEY HAD LOST AND FOR WHICH I HAD PAID THEM FOR IN FULL!!

I objected strongly by stating that these had no bearing on the facts of the unpaid bill as that was for a NEW case and nothing to do with the old case. Plus they had had these documents for all the months leading up to the hearing and had obviously all the time in the world to include them. Plus they had now gone over the deadline for their evidence to have gone in for this hearing. This was ignored by this Judge and I was told there had to be a new hearing and it would not be before about June as the court was very busy.

I had expected to have had all this done and dusted at this hearing and had made arrangements to leave my rented flat in order to do some travelling. I would be back before June and the new occupant of the flat had my telephone number to call me if any mail came for me. As I had no permanent address I could give the court for any letters to be sent to me, I left it at that and I heard no more.

I assumed because of the lack of mail that the lawyers had decided to give it up.

How wrong I was for six montsh later when I was getting a new flat to rent when a credit check was done by the landlords, it comes up I've now got a CCJ and this meant that I had not been told of the new court date which it turned out had been made for only a few weeks after the last hearing, despite my having been told it would be as late as June.

Evidence of collusion by the court office and the Judge that (a) the court rules on when evidence has to be in by, were ignored. (b) the old boys act was evidenced by the cosy way the Judge was treating and talking with the lawyer at the hearing and giving him prefential treatment by bending the rules (c) the court giving the lawyers a new date only weeks hence despite telling me otherwise (d) not making sure I knew of the new date.


Friday, 17 December 2010

Corrupt Judges taking sides

I thought you may like to know about yet another example of just how corrupt our Judges are. Recently I was forced to use the local small claims court to take a trader to task for selling me a new but dud Laptop, which packed in after only 8 months use. It kept crashing and even though I took it back FOUR times to this agent of Acer,he was so useless he never fixed it and just fed me a load of excuses. Well I went along with this for some time before I demanded my money back because I had a TWO YEAR WARRANTY and he wasn't seeing it got fixed.

Once upon a time when we lived in a better country than we are now in, small claims was easy and quick and Judges were not involved in this process (thank God as they are all assholes) Nowadays it is like going through a High Court action and it took me 8 months before I actually got to a hearing.

Along the way I had to attend a stupid so called conciliatory hearing, where they try to get you to settle out of court. This hearing was held before a eight poncy Judge called Dancey and typical upper class git. Full of the usual arrogance that these assholes display. He starts off by telling me that he in fact had used my opponents business "BUT DID NOT THINK THAT WARRANTED HIM DISMISSING HIMSELF AS AN INTERESTED PERSON" I wasn't even asked if I agreed and quite frankly that is against what I would thought should happen. On top of that, he saw the evidence beforehand and knew who was the Defendant, and he could have opted out, but no.

Along the course of this hearing he made an order out that I would have to get an experts opinion as to what was causing this shutting down and appear at the full hearing and if I didn't do that I would get my case kicked out. First of all that shows bias for and in favour for the defendant as I have never heard that it is an absolute legal requirement that this HAS TO BE DONE>>>>>GETTING AN EXPERT INVOLVED!!AS far as I know and have experienced in the past, that is entirely up the the Claimant to do if he wants to present his case in a stronger way. If he chooses not to it may weaken his case, but surely that is his perogative? So I believe he overstepped his powers here, which eventually cost me £140 for nothing.

My expert showed that what was wrong was the hard drive was faulty. You couldn't get a more serious problem in any computer than this as this is it's heart or brain as you might say. The second judge was even worse than the first, even more arrogant and he held what should be a simply run and easy to handle case. with no rules of evidence, as if it were a big murder enquiry. Everytime I opened my mouth he jumped into it, criticising what I said etc. Applying the RULES OF EVIDENCE!! This in defiance of how small claims should be held. He dealt with the defendant far more easily than he did with me. He then kicked out my claim on the unbelieveable excuse that as it was 8 months old, I had used it for too long to claim my money back. This even though he had the evidence that I had been messed about by this trader for months, it hadn't been fixed even though it was under warranty and I had to buy another laptop as it was unusable. The experts report was therefore entirely a waste of time and played no part in his decision. That made it quite clear that the first Judge, the excrable Dancey, was totally out of order. I was hopping mad at both the bastards especially Weintroub the second one as he spoke to me like I was a peice of shit trying something on and not the victim.I resolved to report the two to the Office of Judicial Complaints, not over the decision but on matters that went around how they treated me and spoke to me, plus Dancey not dismissing himself  This I did straight away..

SECOND EXAMPLE OF CORRUPTION BY THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. A couple of of months later I am dealing with being myself taken to this same small claims court by my ex useless lawyer who was supposed to defend my IP being taken off me by the same peice of excrement, none other than Busbridge who features in the above story concerning the corrupt Judge Hobbs QC. He being incompetent couldn't give his boss the absolute guaranty that I had a good case to appeal the corrupt decision of the last IPO hearing in Jan 2010 which I lost yet again. That little escapade lost me £6,000 and instead of my lawyer winning it has he should have done, he didn't. Then he tells me I have a good case to appeal, but at a High Court so as to take it away from the corrupt IPO, but at a cost of £25K. which he knows full well I haven't got. His boss wants a second opinion before he will do it on a no win no fee basis. I am put in the position that I have to make my mind up whether to pay £500 for this barristers opinion and do it within a couple of hours. I say OK thinking it will be only £500. The barrister says I have a good case but the Judge may not see it our way. (Do they ever and it will always be down to some asshole judge, so why do we have to go through this charade??) So my lawyer will not do it on a NWNF basis. End of story, except instead of a £500 bill I get a £4300 bill which I refuse to pay....wouldn't you?I have no money left anyway (which he full well knew) So he takes me to court and here we are again with me having to go before some Judge for a conciliatory hearing. Guess who it is set down before??? NONE OTHER THAN MY BEST FRIEND JUDGE DANCEY. DO YOU THINK I WOULD GET A FAIR HEARING WHICH IS MY RIGHT UNDER ARTICLE 6 OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT????? NOT ON YOU NELLY!! BECAUSE HE WILL NOW KNOW I HAVE REPORTED HIM. So I write to the court office to ask for it to be heard by another judge. THEY TAKE MY "CONFIDENTIAL" LETTER TO DANCEY SO IF HE DID NOT KNOW I HAD REPORTED HIM....HE DOES NOW!! He refuses to back down and dismiss himself....the utter asshole BASTARD!!

I write again to the court office, accusing Dancey of being a liar as he had said he did not even remember him ever saying he could dismiss himself in the other case. I also state what I thought about him so now he knows even more about how I feel about him. He again refuses to back down. I am currently taking that up with their complaints officer but you all know where that will get me, so on Jan 4th look out for fireworks over Bournemouth Court if I am forced to go before him. Now what makes me sick of the whole Establishment of the UK is their rampant corruption. It is like living in Russia or some banana State, where Judges are a complete law unto themselves and answerable to no one. They are all incompetent and arrogant beyond belief and this is shown up during the last few days when yet another asshole Judge or two, let some Iraqi, a failed asylum seeker shit who killed a 12 year old girl, to stay in the UK, quoting none other than the EU Human Rights Act. See how immigrants get full protection of the Courts and have lawyers and judges falling all over themselves to protect them, yet my rights under the same Act can be ignored and I can go to hell. Even when I point that out to the court office. All the do is shrug their shoulders. Had I stood there as an immigrant yelling the roof down about my rights, they would have behaved liked scalded cats to give me all my rights and more. " Do you want some more free benefits and a nice Council house Sir? Sorry for treating you like shit Sir. Doesn't it amke you want to vomit all over the bastards and I feel so much for that poor Dad for that girl. Welcome to shithole Britain where only immigrants, criminals and Posh gits are looked after.